Keynote Speaker

Dr Daniela Storino
Daniela Storino graduated as a dentist in 1995 at the the prestigious School of Dentistry of Piracicaba - UNICAMP, which is acknowledged as one of the best in Brazil and renowned for its excellence at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Latin America. She went on to graduate as a specialist in orthodontics in 2000 in the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Sao Paulo - FOUSP / FUNDECTO. She has been in private orthodontic practice since then, as well as being a course co-ordinator, instructor, and clinical professor for various mini-residency programs in UPS, as well as other Universities, and in other countries. After some 12 years in practice, she decided that she wished to treat her own son, a brachyfacial skeletal Cl III, without a face mask. She also wished to raise the level of excellence of her treatment and enrolled in various programs around the world in this pursuit. This journey led her to the courses conducted by Professors Sadao Sato in Japan and Rudolf Slavicek in Vienna, both giants in their respective disciplines. She has lectured at the prestigious Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (VieSID), where she is an instructor, and where presentations are subjected to the most rigorous scientific scrutiny. She has also lectured extensively all over the world. In her private practice in Brazil she has become renowned for treating the most difficult of malocclusions and disorders of the Craniomandibular system, and bears testimony to the dictum that we should be practising as physicians of occlusal medicine and the craniomandibular system. She is proficient in the MEAW (multi-looped edgewise archwire) and GEAW (Gummetal edgewise archwire) techniques which enable her to treat very complex malocclusions, many of which most would have believed would have required surgery. This promises to be one of our best congresses to date with an opportunity to be exposed to cutting edge principles in orthodontic treatment including MEAW, GEAW, condylography, management of TMD, MOPS (micro-osteoperforation) and other modalities to which you have not been exposed in the past.

Guest Speakers

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Dr Henrik Brandt

Henrik Brandt is a Senior Product Manager with 3Shape, responsible for their extensive suite of software solutions for the orthodontics practice. This includes digital diagnostics and support for treatment workflows such a Indirect Bonding and chair-side Clear Aligner manufacturing. Mr. Brandt has been a Product Manager for more that 20 years and joined 3Shape in 2014.

Dr Harry Dougherty

Dr. Dougherty graduated from the University of Southern California Dental School in dentistry and orthodontics.  He has a Masters in Craniofacial Biology.  His practice is limited to orthodontics. 

He is adjunct faculty at USC Graduate Orthodontic department at USC where he teaches cephalometrics, diagnosis and treatment planning, and surgical orthodontics.  His research interest is in CAD-CAM orthodontics, and computer modeling of treatment mechanics, appliance design and outcomes.  He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and a Regular Member of the Edward H. Angle Society.  He has spoken at the PCSO, Southern California Component of the Angle Society, the Angle Biennial Meetings, The Arnett Forum in Santa Barbara and has lectured on treatment mechanics and asymmetrical treatment for 3M at their Summit Meetings.

Dr Inkwon Park

Lecture Topic: Skeletal Expansion of Maxillary Complex by Mini Screws Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion



                        Pre-dental School, Yonsei University

                        Seoul Korea                                         Mar., 1974 – Feb., 1976

DDS           Yonsei University Dental College

                        Seoul Korea                                        Mar., 1976 – Feb., 1980

MS                  Yonsei University Graduate School

                        Seoul Korea                                         Sept., 1981 – Aug., 1983

Dr Mark Wertheimer

Dr Wertheimer graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in Dentistry and Orthodontics.  He also obtained his MSc in Dental Sciences from the same University. He is admitted as a Fellow in the College of Medicine of South Africa as well as a Fellow in the International College of Dentists. He has served on numerous boards in South Africa including the Paedodontic Society of South Africa, The South African Dental Association, the College of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA) and the South African Society of Orthodontists (SASO).  He is Secretary in the College of Dentistry of the CMSA, he is a Past President of SASO as well as an Honorary Life Member of SASO.

He has been in Orthodontic practice for 22 years and was on the teaching staff in the Orthodontic Department at the University of the Witwatersrand for 17 years. He represents SASO on the WFO council and is a member of the AAO International Ambassadors Forum.  He has presented numerous lectures locally as well as internationally.

KC Makhubele (SADA CEO)

Presenting on: NHI & RVU

Makhubele (“KC”) as he likes to be called, who commenced his official duties on 1 November 2016 at SADA head office and is responsible for management and administration of the Association. He was the Managing Executive: Marketing and Strategic Relationships and Sales at Quest/Kelly Staffing Solutions. Mr Makhubele (studied the first three years of Medicine [MBCHB] at the University of Cape  and holds a series of qualifications, amongst others Master of Business Administration (MBA) from De Montfort University, UK (2005), Executive Development Programme, University of the Witwatersrand (2015), BCom (Business Management and Marketing) Oxford Brookes University, UK (2001)•            Diploma in Business Management and Marketing, Damelin School of Management (1999); Diploma in Human Resources Management, ICM, UK (1997); Diploma  in Management Theory and Practice, ICM, UK (1996); Diploma in Human Resources Management, Damelin (1996); Diploma in Manager Development, Damelin (1996) and Diploma in Ministerial Studies, His People Bible School (1991).

Mr Makhubele has extensive experience in management and has held several positions as COO, General Manager, Managing Director and Divisional Directors of private companies and educational institutions. He also worked as Vice President and later President  at The Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations (APSO) during a time when it had to reposition itself amongst its members and also structuring itself into a leaner and well-functioning Association.

He has worked in private sector education, professional associations and personnel consultancy groups in the private sector. While KC is not qualified as a dentist, he does bring a wealth of management and professional association experience. He was partially introduced at the SADA National Council meeting held on 7 October 2016 which he attended for part of the meeting and had the opportunity of meeting with Board Members and members of National Council. He was very grateful for the experience gaining insight into issues debated affecting the profession and members. KC will also participate in the next round of Board sub-committee meetings in early November 2016 and participate in his first Board meeting in the last week of November 2016.